After graduating from East Carolina University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management, Charles returned home to Ocean Isle Beach, founding Charles Fox Homes LTD shortly thereafter. Having grown up around the business, his family founding Sloane Realty in 1954, Charles knew from the start what kind of company he wanted, and, more importantly, what kind of company he did not want. He wanted to have a company that earned and maintained a solid reputation for unique and beautiful homes, along with an equally solid reputation for customer satisfaction and enrichment of life in the Coastal Carolinas. He did not want to be just another building company, focused on quantity instead of originality. He did not want to further add to the monotony of carbon copy beach houses that had monopolized Ocean Isle Beach for so long. Now, over 20 years later, one could easily note that Charles has accomplished his goal beyond even his own expectation.

Our Mission:

We strive to create and foster a meaningful relationship with clients, extending well beyond typical business dealings...to be open and honest with each homeowner, while encouraging them to explore the various aspects of design and yet remain true to their vision.

We aim to surround our clients with professional contractors who enjoy their work and take pride in creating perfection in their products to share with our clients our combined experience, innovation and talent, and, in doing so, expose the homeowners to creative avenues they may not have otherwise considered.

We intend to make the building process enjoyable and educational for everyone involved by creating an atmosphere that promotes quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. One that ultimately leads to homeowner loyalty and pride in their Charles Fox Home, not only in the present, but far into the future, as we continue to build for today's lifestyles.